Buy airtime online via your UpCell Mobile APP for R200.

You will now have ∑ 200 (UpCell Sigmas) in your UpCell Mobile account to spend again.

Go home, order a pizza and buy 1Gb of Data and R21 airtime for ∑ 199 that you have earned.

The options are endless! Go an explore yourself!

Please note that you can only earn UpCell Mobile ∑ Sigmas when you spend money. You don’t receive UpCell Mobile ∑ when paying with UpCell Mobile ∑.

You can also not buy UpCell Mobile ∑ Sigma. The real value of UpCell Mobile ∑ is to spend them.

Look out for the ∑ sign at participating retailers.

Download the UpCell Mobile Mobile APP from Google Play store and start immediately. This is the most fun that you can have with your money!