The first step is to get an UpCell Mobile  SIM card and request a number port when you Sign Up. The next step differs depending on whether you have prepaid card or are changing from a contract.

 If you are porting as a prepaid subscriber, you will have the easiest time of it. All you need is to request a number port when you Sign Up.

Contract ports are more complicated and involve a bit of paperwork. You will need to supply authentication details (specifically your ID number and existing account number). This information will be sent to your existing operator by UpCell Mobile to verify your details and the current state of your cell phone contract. Your account with your current operator will need to be paid up otherwise  your number port will be declined.

Once the relevant information is approved, your port activation will be processed within a period known as Network Synchronisation Time (NST).   The NST period falls between 19:30 and 23:30, Monday to Saturday. If a port is submitted on a Sunday or public holiday, it will only go through on the next business day.   During NST, your previous network deletes your number from its database and updates its call routing to the new network.

UpCell Mobile then activates your number and updates the call routing.  Your previous SIM card will no longer work and your UpCell Mobile SIM is officially activated.

It could take 3-7 days for a port to be completed.  Continue using your old SIM card until it shows no connection then insert your UpCell Mobile SIM which will then be activated.

Fun fact: You know those three beeps you hear at the start of a phone call? Those typically indicate that the cell phone number you are calling has been ported in the past.