Please ensure that your card is activated for Online Purchases. If not, you will encounter issues at the payment gateway and your transaction will be unsuccessful.

  • Capitec Bank Cards:

Capitec cards need to be activated for online purchases. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Capitec app or Internet Banking on your device
  2. Choose cards
  3. Sign in with your Remote PIN
  4. If you have more than one card, choose the card you want to use
  5. Tap Update Limits
  6. Tap Update
  7. Enter your daily limit for Online / Telephone / Mail Purchases to accommodate the R45
  8. Accept the agreement

Capitec recurring payment:

Capitec bank does not have a facility for recurring payments.  In order to ensure that your UpCell Service remains uninterrupted, you will need to set a stop order for the R45 UpCell Standard Plan to go off your account monthly to the following beneficiary:

Bank: First National Bank

Account holder name: Bird Wood Estate (T/A UpCell Mobile)

Account number: 62722929637

Account type: Cheque Account

Branch code: 221826


  • Standard Bank Cards


Confirm that you have a cheque account or credit card and NOT a savings/debit card with standard bank in order for the R45 to go through on our payment gateway

  1. Log into your Standard Bank application
  2. Click on “manage cards”
  3. Click on “card settings”
  4. Swipe the “make online purchases” button
  5. Scroll down to Card limits
  6. Tap EAP (electronic account payment) limit
  7. Ensure that the limit is sufficient to accommodate the payment of R45



  • First National Bank


  1. Log into your FNB application on your phone
  2. Click on cards
  3. Click on activate for online secure